Visiting the little city museum of Helsingør

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Helsingør got an old center with many houses dating back several hundred years. In this center there is a little museum of the city of Helsingør which will give you a bit more information about the old town which had grown up around the harbor, castle and water outside.

Model of Helsingør

One of the first things you see is a large model of the city – it is a representation of what the city looked like a couple of hundred years ago. There is an audio guide which will tell you a bit of the history of some of the old houses. The information is both in Danish and English so most people should be able to follow the story.

Model of Kronborg Castle

After having spent a bit of time listening to the story of the model of the old town it is time to explore the rest of the old house the museum is located in.

The museum is a small town museum so there is a limit to what they have on display. I wonder around for a bit seeing some rooms which has been furnished with old furniture and they are pretty nice to see. But the museum can’t really keep me entertained for long so it is a fairly short visit after the 15 minute audio guide at the model of the city.

The museum isn’t the reason to go to Helsingør – but if you are here you might have a quick look around the small museum it shouldn’t take too much of your time.


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