Old village of Troense

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We drive across the large bridge from Svendborg to the island of Tåsinge. A short drive along a small road brings us to an old village called Troense. The village is located right at the water and there is a small harbor in the city where the locals seem to have quite a lot of boats for such a small place. There is a pier where a tour boat lands. The boat brings passengers from Svendborg to a few small harbors on other islands in the neighborhood until it reach the castle Valdemars Slot.

The village is small but there is a fairly large collection of old thatches roofed house making it a good place for a little stroll. If you have a car you can just drive here – and even without a car it is easy to get here on the tour boat which stops here and you can catch the next boat coming by.

If you want to relax at the lovely setting for a little longer you can spend a night or two at the old hotel right behind the harbor. The hotel has a great view from the restaurant and probably some of the rooms as well.

We only stay for a little while to take in the old houses and then we continue exploring the area.


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