Horses on the island of Thurø

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Next to the town of Svendborg are a few different islands. One of them is Thurø – I guess most people living on this small island are commuting to Svendborg or Odense for their jobs since the islands doesn’t seem to be very big.

We drive around the island in search of some nice views – we don’t find much but there is a nice little beach next to a little forest which has a beach nearby. This seems like the big drawcard of the island on a sunny public holiday where most people have the time to spend one of the first warm days of the year at the beach.

We drive back from the beach across the island. There is some sort of spectacle going on with a little commercial for a local circus or something. They go through the island in a caravan of horse drawn carts and they do it slowly so there is a bit of traffic jam forming behind the carts. The roads on the island are narrow so the cars just have to take it easy while the horses slowly make their way across the island. Fortunately the horses are moving towards us so we can stop the car and enjoy the spectacle from the side of the road while they pass by.

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