Charming old town of Ærøskøbing

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The main town on the island of Ærø is Ærøskøbing. It is the main entry point to the island since there are frequent ferries to and from Svendborg from the town. It is a very well preserved old town from the 17th century with lots of old houses and cobbled stone streets. The city is the best preserved town in Denmark from this era making it well worth a visit.

Museum in town

The main life of the city has been at the harbor in the old days when the trade to and from the town was going through here – though the nearby village of Marstal eventually overtook Ærøskøbing when it came to shipping. There is still a nice little harbor next to the ferry terminal and there are a few boats in the harbor in addition to an old wooden ship.

However the main drawcard of the city is many old houses along the cobbled streets. The town is fairly small so you don’t need to worry too much about planning a route through the town – you can just start wondering randomly around the small streets and enjoy whatever you see when you walk in the town.

There are some highlights in the town one of them is the largest square in the town which has a large cobbled area in between the old houses around the square.

Another interesting featured is the old doors in the town. Some of the doors actually have an inscription on top of the door – though these inscriptions are very hard to read – since the writing doesn’t include any space between the words. You simply have to separate the individual words and decipher the writing as you go along. This is actually more difficult than it sounds even if you are familiar with the Danish language.

We do spend quite a bit of time wondering the streets of Ærøskøbing taking in the many old houses in the town. It is a bit difficult to get to the island of Ærø but if you have enough time to spend it is well worth making the effort to go to Ærø.

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