Hill of Ashøj

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The highest hill in the district of Thy is called Ashøj. This is Denmark so the hill isn’t super high it comes in at 94 meters or just over 300 feet. This would make it a manageable hike even if you had to start from the bottom of the hill – but you don’t even have to hike from the bottom of the hill since there is a road almost to the top of the hill.

Agger Tange in the distance

From the top of the hill you just have to take the short hike to a view tower at the top of the hill and then you can walk up the tower – which is free – to enjoy the view of the area surrounding the hill. You can see a lot of Thy from the top of the island you particularly have a good view to the easily recognizable area called Agger Tange which is a narrow stretch of land with water on both side of the landmass.

It is really worth going to the top of the hill and enjoy the view – there weren’t a lot of people going here even on a Sunday. So I guess there won’t be a lot of visitors outside the summer season when the area might fill up a bit more.

Giant Troll

The view has been nice for decades since they built the road and the tower – but number of Danish visitors might have gone up somewhat in the last year thanks to the new attraction nearby. On the hill there is one of the many trolls made by Thomas Dambo who have built many such trolls around Denmark and some in the rest of the world as well. The Troll on this hill is called Ask from Ashøj and he is just a short walk from the view tower – so if you head to the top of this hill you really should go for both the view and the troll.


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