Birds at a narrow strip of land

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Just south of the small village of Agger you get to Agger Tange which pretty much just mean narrow strip of land south of Agger. There is no people living out at this narrow strip of land and there are no buildings except for a single visitor center down at the southern tip of the land.

The entire area here is a nature reserve and during the spring and early summer you are not allowed to even walk in most of the area because of the breeding birds.

Geese everywhere

The whole area is pretty interesting just to drive through. When you drive south of Agger you can actually see three different sources of water. To your left you have Limfjorden which is a large fjord (or actually sound) which connect the two most important bodies of water around Denmark – the North Sea and Kattegat. At certain times Limfjorden is only a few meters from the road. On your left you got a large lake close to the road as well. This lake it the main breeding ground of a lot of different birds. A bit in the distance across the lake you can sometimes see the North Sea between the sand dunes over there.

We stop a few times and spot a lot of birds around the lake – it is mainly geese but we also see heron, ducks and swans on the lake. Behind the lake are a few long haired cows walking around keeping the grass down and preventing any major scrub to spread across the area.

Almost at the southern tip of the landmass we can drive south of the lake to the shore at the north sea where there are a nice sandy beach. There is actually a few people who have made it down to the beach this time of the year despite the strong wind and the cold water. so nobody is actually trying out the water for the moment.

At the southern edge of the land there is a small ferry harbor – which is actually only a place where the cars can wait for the ferry and a ramp to make it possible to enter and exit the ferry. There is no ferry so we just turn back and drive back to the north.


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