Lodbjerg lighthouse

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Along the west coast of Jutland there are a lot of different lighthouses which has been built mainly in the 19th century. They help guide the shipping safely along the shore of Jutland and many of them are quite charming to go and have a look at.

One of those charming old lighthouses is located at Lodbjerg inside Thy National Park and it is quite easy to go and visit the lighthouse. The lighthouse at Lodbjerg was finished in 1883 but wasn’t actually used before the following year. The lighthouse is built on a small hill so in total the height of the light is 48 meters above sea level. And unlike some of the other old lighthouses this one is actually still in use though it has been updated to an automatic lighthouse so there is no longer a tender living at the location. Originally there were three people working tending the lighthouse and they lived in the buildings next to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse and surrounding buildings

The lighthouse at Lodbjerg was the last of three lighthouses which were built along the north western part of the coast of Jutland. The waters here has usually strong winds and a strong current which made the sailing along the coast difficult and a lot of ship had run aground in the area – hence the construction of these lighthouses significantly increased the safety of the traffic out in the North Sea.

Usually it is possible to get up to the lighthouse and enjoy some fabulous views of the area – unfortunately the lighthouses are currently closed like all other museums and cultural attractions in Denmark. So we were unable to go up and enjoy the view.

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