White houses at Stenbjerg landing

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The old village of Stenbjerg was founded around 1600 – probably because the inhabitant had become homeless when there old village were covered by the moving sand which were a widespread issue back at that time. The people of Stenbjerg used to be farmers – but the sand had covered most of their best fields so they had to refocus their life towards the sea. So they only had small fields and got most of their income from the sea.

The white houses and sand on the street

The farming community was changed into a fishing village – but the locals didn’t like to live too close to the sea – the wind out at the coast was too strong and there were too much salt in the air. So the locals lived a bit inland to get a bit of shelter from the prevailing westerly winds which are particularly strong at this corner of Denmark.

When the fishing industry changed around 1900 there were an increasing demand for having tools down close to the shore so the fishermen could actually do some work without having to transport everything back to the village every night. So they built a row of white houses between the sand dunes of Stenbjerg Landingplads. The houses is no longer in use but they have been left and are some pretty houses down at the shore which is interesting to have a quick look at before you head down and see the sandy beach.

Down at the beach there are actually still some small boats which are used to do coastal fishing. Like many other small fishing villages in this area there is actually no harbor – they simply pull the small boats up on land and let them stay there overnight. The boats are left high enough on the beach so the water will not accidently drag them back into the sea.

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