Heading to Hawaii

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Hawaii is famous for its sun and the surfing going on at the big waves around the islands. So today we head to Hawaii – the place known for the surfing and the wind. And today is actually a sunny day so we get a lot of sun as well.

House on top of a sand dune

Despite the sun it isn’t all that warm today – we are not going to the warm tropical islands in the pacific ocean – instead we head to the small village of Kiltmøller in Thy in the north western part of Denmark. The place is a mekka for surfers and has become known as Cold Hawaii. During the year there are different competitions for the surfers in the waters outside Klitmøller and there are several surf shops and surf schools for people who want to learn how to surf.

We go and see the village which has a few surfers out in the afternoon. The village used to be a small fishing village before it was taken over by the holiday makers and the surfers. The area used to be pretty remote so life here was hard with the wind as an adversary before things changed and the wind became the village biggest asset.

We go around the village and look at the beach and the fishing boats. The area is pretty with large sandy beaches which could attract a none surfing crowd during the summer when the water will be a bit warmer than now. There is no way you want to try and go swimming in the freezing water with the strong wind.

Beach of Klitmøller

Klitmøller is also right in the middle of Thy National Park so if you get tired of the beach there is a lot of nature with birds, lakes and forest which you can go and explore on bike or in car.


    1. It is an interesting place which do draw a bit of a crowd most year because of the strong wind and good conditions for surfing. The surrounding area is nice as well with a natinoal park to explore.

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