Small lake in the national park

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Inside Thy National Park is a couple of small lakes. The lakes here isn’t big but they are special because of the location there is very little nutrient inside the lakes which set them apart from all other lakes in Denmark which generally got more nutrient inside the lake.

View across Vandet Lake

The poor living condition inside the lake mean the plants which live here is different from other lakes in Denmark and some plants can only be found in this lake and the nearby Nors Lake.

We are not experts in water plants – so I am not sure we actually saw any of these special plants living at the shore of the lake. But we did stop here to have lunch at a little table from where we could enjoy the lake.

Flowers at Vandet Lake

There was nobody else around so we had the place for ourselves and could enjoy the quite along the shore. There was only a little bit of land along the shore so it wasn’t the best place for a hike along the lake because we would get wet feet quickly and the water here is still really cold. So we just walk a little down along the shore to have a look at the lake and the view of the other side.

Shallow water at Vandet Lake

It was a nice little spot to have lunch on a sunny day – and there was a little bit of shelter from the blowing westerly wind. We just arrived from Klitmøller which is known as Cold Hawaii because of the strong wind which make the small village into a mecca for surfers.

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