Popular Nors Lake

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We go from the quite Vandet Lake to the nearby Nors Lake – and it seems like this lake is much more popular than its nearby neighbor. Despite the more visitors the area is fairly big so it isn’t overly crowded.

We park the car close to the shore of the lake. There is a couple of table at what probably should be the lake shore – but it seems like the lake is overflowing with water from the heavy rain which happened during the last half year. So currently the table and bench are not in use since it is in the water at the edge of the lake.

Ready for lunch?

We enjoy the view of the nice blue lake for a while before we head to the forest next to the lake. There are many short trials running through the forest so we can have a quick look at the woods in combination with the lake.

I guess the forest here is planted a century or two ago as so many other forest along the west coast of Jutland. The forest was planted to stop the strong wind around here to make the sandy soil fly and destroy fields and sometimes even villages. The sand has been stopped successfully and the small forest is now a nice recreational area in the lightly populated areas around this part of the country.

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