Testing the windmills

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All across the country side in northern Jutland you find a lot of windmills. The wind up here seems always to be blowing from the west so the windmill is really in their favorite habitat.

Row of test windmills at the testcenter

At one spot up here just outside of Østerild a small village you find some really big windmills. The windmills are part of the Danish national test center for windmills where the new models of the main Danish producers of windmills put up their windmills. Amongst the companies are Vestas and Siemens Gamesa so the producers of windmills in Denmark are really some of the leading producers in the world.

We get to the giant windmills just by driving along some small roads in the country side of northern Jutland. We get to see the windmills just from the road and they are really tall. They seem to be preparing still more new windmills in the area – I guess they want to test the next generation which will take over from the windmills which are currently tested in some distant future.

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