The warm iceberg

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The highest point in Thy National Park is Isbjerg which translates into iceberg. Even though it is the highest point in the national park it is still only 56 meters high so the temperature on the top of the mountain is kept way above freezing and there is no sign of ice on the top of the hill.

The sandy path up the hill

We get to the iceberg along a small road which ends at a lake and from here we can start a round trail which takes us to the top of the hill. The hike goes through some old sand dunes and the landscape is pretty interesting.

View of the lake

At first we can’t see the lake because of the small sand dunes which covers the view. After a bit of hiking through the landscape we get back out in the open and from the highlands there is actually a great view of the area.

As we walk along the area we get to the high point of Isbjerg which is an old cliff. In the old days the area here was covered by water and only a few islands including Isbjerg stood above the waters.

Hill top around Isbjerg

Today the land is all combined but the old island is still the highest point of the area. We walk back towards the lake and enjoy the view as we walk down the hill towards the hill.

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