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There used to be six forgotten giant around Copenhagen – they were huge trolls made of recycled wood and hidden on pretty locations around the western suburbs of Copenhagen which are usually known as the less well of parts of Copenhagen.

Giant troll

The giants became pretty popular and the artist started to make more giants around the world. But his project in Puerto Rico was stopped by the pandemic and he had to return to Denmark. He has been stuck in Denmark for a while now – and during the lock down he has been working on different projects across Denmark. He is building more giants at remote locations around the country.

Ask enjoying the spring sun

One of these giants are located at Ashøj which is the highest point in Thy which is a part of Denmark located to the extreme North West. The area is lightly populated and without many large manmade attractions. What usually draw people up here are the large sandy beaches, the strong wind which make the surfers head to Kiltmøller known as Cold Hawaii – in addition to the beaches you got some nice rolling hills in the landscape and some sand dunes stretching back from the coast.

We head to the highest hill at Ashøj and park the car and walk a little bit inside the forest searching for the troll. It doesn’t take long before we spot the giant sitting in the woods and head towards him to have a closer look at the giant.


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