Skjern city

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The town of Skjern is one of the biggest towns in the municipality of Ringkøbing-Skjern. Despite the title as one of the biggest town of the area the city is still rather small. It only has a bit less than 8,000 inhabitants. In this part of the country it is still enough to make it a commercial center of the surrounding land.

Church of Skjern

The city is located right next to Skjern Å which make it a good base for exploration of this area – unless you want to spend your time closer to Ringkøbing Fjord where you might have a bit of water view as well which is absent in the town of Skjern.

A small stream through the city of Skjern

We went to the city expecting a little bit of old town charm – unfortunately this was almost completely absent. The city is rather modern with most of the buildings dating back only about a century or less. There were a few nice old buildings like the local church which is a good representation of a traditional Danish village church. There is also a windmill in the city which is a good little place to see.

Windmill in Skjern

I guess in reality there is not much reason to go to Skjern unless you need to go shopping at the local supermarket and then continue to the next destination of the day.

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