Thisted – main town of Thy

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Last year we were driving close to Thy several times – but we didn’t actually ever make into the town itself. This year we were close to the city one more time – and we really could just bypass it one more time since our route isn’t taking us directly to the city. But we figured we really should go to the town and have a look this time around.

The city is fairly old they have found remains dating back to at least the 12th century. Though the name of the city indicates it is probably even older. The first part of the name is taken from the Norse god Týr who according to some sources were the son of Odin which would make Týr the brother of Thor. The second part of the name of Thisted mean place – the full meaning of the city name is place dedicated to Týr. Since the Denmark officially converted to Christianity around 960 the first settlement around Thisted is like from before the 12th century.

The city – like most old towns – is located next to a water source. The city is right next to Limfjorden, which is a large body of water which is rather sheltered making the harbor around Thisted a safe place to have your boat even in the windy conditions of this part of Denmark. The harbor area is an attractive place to enjoy with the many boats in the harbor and a few shops and restaurants in the area.

The rest of the city is rather modern considering the city has a long history. So we don’t spend too much time wondering the streets of Thisted. I guess we were right to bypass the city last year and might as well have done so this year since we didn’t really need to take advantage of the shops and other facilities of the city.

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