The city at the corner of North Zealand

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The city of Hundested is located at the far north eastern corner of North Zealand. The city is the last one in what is the capital region of Denmark. It might be in the capital region but it is at a bit of a distance from Copenhagen. there is no highway all the way so you will need to go along some small country roads to get to or from Copenhagen – so not that many people actually makes the commute on a daily basis – but it is possible.

The city used to be an important ferry town – you could take a ferry to Jutland from here but this ferry route was shut down years ago – today there is only a small ferry route going the short distance to Rørvig on the other side of the water.

Restaurants at the harbor

The nicest thing about the city is the harbor. Even if you don’t have to take the ferry it is a nice place to go and visit – you can get here either by car or you can take the train from Copenhagen to Hillerød and catch a local train further to Hundested which goes right down to the ferry. You can actually bring your bike on the trains for free as well if you want to explore the area a bit more.

The harbor probably used to be a fishing harbor – but the fishing boats have left the area and now it is mainly a place for the pleasure boats. And other people who goes to the harbor to enjoy the sunshine and an ice-cream down at the harbor. There is actually a little minigolf place as well right at the harbor so you can find something else to pass the time if you like.

Just outside the city you find different beaches and many people have a summerhouse in the area. There is also a fairly famous museum for the Danish Arctic Explorer Knud Rasmussen who used to live just outside Hundested – just next to a lighthouse which helped guide the ships passing the north coast of Zealand.


    1. North Zealand is a peninsula located straight north of Copenhagen. I don’t think it is actually the northern most point on Zealand but the area is called North Zealand.


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