The northern end of Hornsherred peninsula

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We head to the far north of the Hornsherred peninsula. The tip of the peninsula is a pretty remote area considering it is only a bit over an hour drive out of Copenhagen. The peninsula is dominated by a large forest area with some ancient oak trees. We didn’t actually head into the forest – but it is an interesting place to explore if you got the time.

Flowers at Jægerspris Slot

Instead we went to a little castle just south of the forest area. The castle used to be the home of Frederik VII and his spouse countess Danner. Danner wasn’t of noble birth – hence she couldn’t become a queen but the king loved her and in the end they got married. The marriage wasn’t approved by the majority of the population of Copenhagen who didn’t like a poor commoner becoming the wife of the king. To avoid the people of Copenhagen the couple spend a lot of time at this castle which were pretty far from Copenhagen back in there time when there was no train heading up to the castle.

From the castle we head to the small town at the northern end of the peninsula. It is a small village called Kulhuse which hasn’t got a lot of sights – but there is a nice little harbor which is worth heading up and has a look at. At the very end of the peninsula there is a little ferry which you can catch to the small town of Hundested across the water. We didn’t take the ferry since we were heading back home after the visit – but if you are visiting the northern coast of Zealand after your trip to Hornsherred this ferry will save you a pretty long detour making it worth the price of the ticket.

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