Runde Rie fishing in the lake

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Just outside Roskilde you will find a series of three lakes called Lynghøjsøerne. The lakes are left behind after the area had been used as a gravel pit for a while – when the gravel was finally dug out the area was transformed into a recreational area.

It is a pretty looking area today and the locals seem to enjoy the area. There it is possible to hike around the lakes and enjoy the view and during the summer you can go and enjoy the artificial beach and swim in the lake. I guess it will be a good sheltered place without any major waves considering the limited size of the lake.

Searching for that fish

A new attraction at the lake is the troll Runde Rie or round Rie. She is sitting at the lake shore with here fishing rod trying to catch a fish. It doesn’t seem like she ever catches anything – but Rie is patient and she just keeps on trying to get that illustrious fish.

Runde Rie is one of the many trolls Thomas Dambo have made around Copenhagen and the rest of the world. They have become a local attraction during this period when Danes tend to explore more of their own country than they have done for decades.

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