Auderød at the lake

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Up in northern Zealand you find the large lake of Arresø which is actually the largest lake in Denmark. the water is pretty shallow which make it a dream for algae in the summer which mean the water is unsuited for swimming during the height of summer. Fortunately the lake is close to the open water so you don’t really need to go swimming in the lake.

Inside the lake is a little peninsula around the village of Auderød. The top of the peninsula is a pretty area which is nice to explore for a bit. There is a small harbor where the locals seem to meet to get out on the lake in their canoes. The harbor is really tiny with no services so unless you have a boat you probably won’t spend a lot of time around this harbor.

Next to the harbor area is a little forest which has a few trails leading through the forest and down to the shore of the lake. At the end of one of the trails you reach a little platform from where you can observe the lake. Supposedly this is also a good place to look for the eagles which has their nest nearby and will fly in and out of the forest in clear view from the platform. I guess we didn’t spend enough time at the platform – since we didn’t spot any eagles but at least we got the view of the lake before we headed back through the forest.

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