Ferry port of Rørvig

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The small town of Rørvig is really at a dead end. If you drive up here it is a very long drive back to get anywhere else. Fortunately for the town it still has the old ferry route to the small town of Hundested across the water. If it wasn’t for this short ferry trip it would take a couple of hours drive from Rørvig to Hundested.  You can take your car across or you can just walk onboard with your bike if you are out for a long ride around the water of Roskilde Fjord.

The life in Rørvig seems to be centered around the little harbor where people come to take the ferry and the people who don’t want to go with the ferry still comes here since it is the place to go for ice-cream on a sunny summer day. You can also have a little more substantial meal if you need to fill the stomach with something but ice-cream.

The city is pretty small but there is a lot of water and beach access in the area so a lot of people from Copenhagen have a summer house in the area – hence the town really comes alive during a sunny weekend where the Danish weather is finally getting sunny and warm.

It was a nice place to go and have an ice-cream and relax before it was time to head back towards Copenhagen. The area around the harbor was quite nice and scenic to enjoy and there were a couple of old houses as well.

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