Unique coastline of Korshage

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Just outside the small town of Rørvig is a special area called Korshage. There is a bit of a beach and several summerhouses in the area. So people do go to this area on a sunny day. We go since it is supposedly a very unique geological area in Denmark.

Korshage is a special angular foreland which only exist a few places around Denmark. The area has the shape of a square. It is formed by sediments left behind by the ice moving across the area ten thousand years ago when this part of Denmark was covered by ice. The area has been rising ever since the ice left and the area has gradually moved upwards with the sediments forming this special square foreland.

Map of Korshage Peninsula

We walk to the end of the trail to the headland to look at the phenomena. But it is a bit hard to actually see from land – I guess you need to be on a boat looking towards the land to really spot it. So we just look at the area for a bit and look towards the other side of the waters and at the shore line. And then look at the map of the area to make sure what we were supposed to be looking at.

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