The main town of North East Fyn

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Kerteminde is an old town on the north east corner of the island of Fyn. It is a decent size little town which can serve as a base if you like to explore the area for a day or two. There are several attractions which are in easy reach from the city – like the Viking Ship of neighboring Ladby and the lovely natural attraction of Fyns Hoved a short drive to the north. You can also reach the neighboring city of Nyborg in a short drive to explore this during your trip to the island.

One of the old houses in the center

The area around Kerteminde is located right at the water of Great Belt and has a small river flowing into the water. This has ensured the city had a good location in the old days when you could only get around fast on the sea. This is one of the reason you have found the rich grave with the Viking ship in Ladby nearby – this was a rich area in the Viking era.

The city has a few old houses which are nice to wonder around for a bit – but on a sunny day the main attraction is the lovely harbor area where you can go and enjoy the sun and maybe have an ice-cream. The locals seem to enjoy the harbor by jumping in the water from the main bridge at the center of the city.

New appartments at the harbor

The bridge actually is a source of some controversy over the ages. The bridge was built in the 15th century – and it blocked the neighboring city of Munkebo from direct access to the water. The people of Munkebo insisted on a drawbridge so their ships could still go out into the sea – but this was denied over the centuries. Over the centuries the bridges has become shorter since the water of the area has slowly silted up and becoming narrower. The current bridge is less than half the length of the original bridge.

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