The fortress of Korsør

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Korsør is an old town which is located at one of the biggest natural harbors in Denmark. The city is also located at the main crossing of the Great Belt opposite of Nyborg and close to the only island in the Great Belt.

The important location of the town has made it an obvious place for a major fortification. Already a thousand years ago the first fortress was built around Korsør and there has been located in the city since then. The military left the fortress in 1856 and since then there has been no military presence at the fortress – despite the lack of military significance the fortress was left standing and has been transformed into a museum today.

Old magazine at the fortress

When we got there the museum was closed but you can go in and have a look at the buildings after the opening hours of the fortress. Some of the buildings date back to the start of the 17th century when the famous king Christian IV had a lot of new major buildings built around the fortress.

The area of the fortress is located down at the harbor of Korsør which is a nice place to go and enjoy during the day – but I am not sure how good it is to visit the area during the night time – the public toilet of the area had a box for needles indicating heroin users are using the area after dark. We didn’t see any in the early evening so I guess these activities mainly take place late at night.

At the harbor you can have a look at the bridge across the Great Belt which has replaced the ancient ferry transport which has been located around Korsør for centuries.

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