The head of Fyn – Fyns Hoved

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A nice little area to go for a short hike on Fyn is Fyns Hoved which translates into the head of Fyn. The area is the northern most area of Fyn and is located at the north east of the island – the area is right out at Storebælt which is one of the driest areas in Denmark with only 450mm of rain a year compared to the natural average of 650mm. so if you are looking for a dry day to go out and hike this is usually a good choice.

You can drive to the end of the road to the north and then you can walk out from the parking lot to the northern tip of the peninsula. Up here you go through the fields where a few sheep’s are grazing on the grass out in the area. If you come through the migration period for the birds this is apparently one of the most important places for the birds in the area – but the migration were over for the year when we got there so there wasn’t a lot of birds.

When you are at the top there is a view of a nice little bay with some shallow water – this is a protected area which attracts water birds which live in the area. Unfortunately it is off limits to go and wonder this area during the breading season so we could only observe it from a distance.

View from the top of the hill

The area has a fairly long history since there is a protected small harbor which has been used for a very long time – but it has remained small and as the time has passed the area has become less important and it is now a fairly remote area where it is possible to go for a quite walk for an afternoon.

You could walk around the peninsula in an hour having enough time to enjoy the views and get back – it is an easy walk so almost everybody should be able to do it. It is also a nice place to bring some food if you want to end up wanting to sit on the grass at the hill at the end of the peninsula and enjoy the view for a bit longer than just the time you would spend while hiking.


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