Rosenborg Palace

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In Kongenshave (Kings Garden) in Copenhagen you find one of the prettiest small castles in Denmark. Today the castle is right in the middle of Copenhagen – but back when Christians IV built his pleasure castle it was actually located outside the city walls which ran just at the edge of Kongenshave.

The little summer castle of King Christian IV was built in 1606 but changed somewhat in the following year so the present shape of the castle date back to 1624. For the next hundred years the Danish kings frequently stayed at the castle but from 1710 the Danish kings have only stayed at the castle during two emergencies – after the fire on Christiansborg Castle in 1794 and during the British bombardment of Copenhagen 2 April 1801.

Today the castle is a museum in the central part of Copenhagen and it is a wonderful place to go and visit since it is a small but very pretty castle. The castle opens its doors at nine in the morning during the summer and ten the rest of the year and it is best to get there just as they open to beat the crowds and you can go through the pretty rooms of the castle and take photos without a bunch of tourist blocking your view.

There are several pretty rooms split on different floors and you better make sure to make it all the way to the top because the main hall is on the top of the castle with the three Danish lions which is also located in this room in front of the throne.


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