Royal theatre of Cuvillies

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Back in the old days before the invention of the television you still needed some entertainment. When you were the royal family of Munich you had the resources to make sure you got the best entertainment available.

So the king of Bavaria had the Cuvillies theatre built right next to his residence in the large Recidenz palace in the center of Munich.

Back in the day the theater was a leading theater of this part of Europe and there were some fairly high profile performances at the theater. One of the more famous shows was probably the world premiere of Mozart’s opera Idemeneo.

Stage of the theater

Today the theater is open during the day as a museum so you can go and enjoy the pretty room – though without getting some of the entertainment the rulers of Bavaria used to enjoy.

The ticket to the theater as a standalone is a bit pricey and probably more than I would recommend paying for it. But if you are already visiting the Recidenz castle next door and the treasury as well the price you can add the theater to the ticket for only a small extra amount.

Looking back from the stage

The theater is fairly small and so you won’t spend much time here but it is a nice little supplement to the more impressive castle next door.


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