Treasury of the Recidenz

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At the large royal residence of Munich there is a large treasure as well. The treasure contains a large collection of pressures items from the king of Bavaria and it is open to visit for the general public. We went there on a combined ticket with the castle museum and the next door Cuvillies Theater. The treasure is considered one of the most significant collections of pressures jewelry in all. The audio guide at the museum mentioned this one and the museum in Dresden as the most important locations – I guess they didn’t have time to update the audio guide after the heist of the Dresden museum when thieves stole a large portion of the jewelry.

The treasury is spread across ten different rooms at the Recidenz and it is a chronological display where you start out in the room with the oldest jewelry and then move up to the new stuff at the end. The oldest part of the display has a more religious vibe.


We get to a room with only two items at display but it is the most important items at the collection – that’s why they got their own room. It is an amazing equestrian statue of Saint George which is really impressive and a very impressive necklace.

Saint George

We continue and the next highlight is the collection of the royal regalia of the Bavarian royal family. There are the crown and scepter in addition there are the different orders of the royal family.

One room contains a large collection which looks like it is glass. But in fact it isn’t glass – it is a special rock crystal which has been carefully cut to make it into different containers of the rock. I like these rock crystals – it is so surprising to see a rock made into something like this.

We walk around the rest of the museum and look at the different jewelry at display. It is hard to estimate the value of the collection but it must be a very high total amount. The treasury is part of the Recidenz and we got a combined ticket of the Recidenz Museum of the castle and the Cuvilliers Theater next door. There is a good saving of the combined ticket.

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