Returning to Warsaw

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We are flying back from Tbilisi really early in the morning or super late at night depending on your perspective and we have yet another 10 hour layover in Warsaw.

The large square at the entrance to the old town

We arrive at the airport right before sunrise and it is so much easier to arrive in city this time around. We know where to buy the tickets to the bus, which bus to take and where to get off the bus. So we quickly get to the old town while the sun is rising and the restaurants in the old town start to open.

Statue at the old town

We walk a bit the main street leading down to the old town until we find a spot to have breakfast. It is a nice day so we decide to take advantage and sit outside which might be for the last time of the year.


We walk around the old town once again – it seems so familiar this times around since it just a couple of weeks since we were here last time. It is pretty enjoyable to walk around the old town and there are only a limited number of tourists during the middle of the week in October. We go and see the walls of the old town – this time around we get a different perspective since it is in the middle of the day and not at dusk like last time around.

We find a couple of extra spots to explore in the old town before we start moving back to the main road. Here we find a place to have lunch. While we are eating lunch there is a large parade of people in uniforms. I am not sure what they are doing but some of them have banners with the year 1919 and 2019 so maybe they are commemorating the centennial of some important events during the founding of the new polish republic in the wake of world war one. We never find out what the parade is about so we just look at it while it is passing slowly by the restaurant we are sitting at.

After lunch we walk a bit until we reach the large Lazienki Park. It is a nice park to walk around and explore. There are some pretty buildings and some nice fall colours in the park.

After the visit to the park it is about time to head back towards the airport so we can get dinner before the flight home.

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