Largest park in Warsaw – Lazienki Park

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Lazienki Park is a large park in the center of Warsaw. It is only a short walk to get here from the old town and if it is a sunny day it is certainly a nice place to go for a wonder or possibly a picnic.

The park has a nice landscape with plenty of trees – visiting in the fall was nice as well since the colours of the trees were changing making the park more colourful than what you would probably get on an ordinary summer day when everything is just green.

There is a lot of water in the park which gives some nice views of the area. The most fascinating view is probably the Lazienki palace which is located on a small island in the middle of the park. It is pretty fascinating to see the palace in the water – and it certainly attracts the largest number of visitors in the park.

There are several other pretty buildings inside the park so it is nice to wonder around the area to take in the architecture as well.

At the outskirts of the park is the Belweder Castle which is the official residence of the polish president – so you can’t go and visit the castle but it is still possible to see it from the outside and the guards don’t mind you taking photos of the castle.

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