The reconstructed square in old town

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One of the prettiest places in all of Warsaw old town is the old market square. It is the oldest part of the old town – but it isn’t obvious you will be able to enjoy this pretty square today. The square was bombed during the German invasion of Poland in 1939 and then later it was completely destroyed by the German army after the Warsaw uprising in 1944.

Fortunately the square and the buildings surrounding the old square has been rebuilt in the traditional old style which. The reconstruction of the square has been pretty successful and the appearance of the square is of an old historical area of an old European town. I guess the successful reconstruction of this square is one of the major reasons why the old town of Warsaw has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The square is pretty to go and watch and there is a lot of restaurant around the square most of them offering outdoor service if you are feeling hungry. It is a good spot to have a bite to eat while you are people watching for a bit.One of the funny features at the square is the old water pumps – which do work at least for some parts of the year. We went to the park twice during October when we had a long layover to and from Georgia. When we flew out in the early part of the month the water was running from the pump – but at out second visit they had turned off the water possible because the temperature at night had begun to drop and they probably didn’t want too much water on the square in case the temperature fell below freezing at night.

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