Dinner with a view of the greater Wannsee

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Are you looking for a romantic place to dine?? Or just enjoying the place by the water??

This restaurant has a perfect location right at the water in Wansee. We kind of stumbled over the restaurant when we walked from the Flensburger Lion down to have a view of the lake. And we just saw this place right at the edge of the lake.

The restuarant

I love the beautiful view toward the water.  It was soo peaceful and relax.

The restaurant itself feel very local with relax atmosphere, and it seems the guests was familiar with the staff.

The food price would not hurt the pocket as it was quite cheap compare with the restaurants back home in Denmark.

German flatbread with salmon

The food selection was quite nice, and I have a difficulty to decide which one to order.  I keep changing my order and finally I decided to go for a German flat bread with salmon after I saw the delicious food at the table next door.

Mickey order Pork Snitzel.  The food looks good and he said it taste great.

We enjoy the food and the scenery and the staff was very friendly and welcoming.

Lastly, the dessert of Apple struddle with ice cream was delicious.


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