Gothic House in Spandau

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When you visit the old town of Spandau you can hardly avoid walking on the main pedestrian street in the old town. It is a nice little street with a lot of ice-cream shops – yeah we went on a sunny day and noticed them – and other small shops and cafes you can go and visit.

Ground floor of the Gothic House

A free attraction on this street is the old Gotisches Hause which is a fairly big old stone house – part of the house date back to the fifteenth century. The family living in the house must have been among the richest inhabitants in Spandau since they could afford to build the house in stone during a time when everybody else builds wooden houses in the town.

Exhibit of a living room

At the ground level of the house you find the local tourist information of Spandau – I guess they have some useful information at times but the tourist information was closed when we visited the house – fortunately the house remained opened despite the tourist information being closed.

Old toys

There is a little local art exhibit at the ground floor during our visit which was of limited interest so we quickly went upstairs to have a closer look at the different exhibitions up there.

The exhibition upstairs is a bit strange. The rooms are presented like the way different people lived in Spandau during different time periods. But it wasn’t only the people living in the Gotisches Hause – it was different people from different social groups in the town. So you would find an old living room and a kitchen set up like it would be in a lower middle class family during the start of the 20th century – which was clearly not the standards of a kitchen of the family in this house which must have had sufficient funds to have a much better lifestyle.

Kitchen at the house

If you like to see how people lived in the old days in a small town you might find the exhibition interesting – you just need to be able to accept the furniture isn’t original in the house.

We enjoy the quick walk through the house and then head back down to the sunshine outside the house and look around the old town.

Model of the Gothic House


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