Green suburb of Berlin

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If you are in Berlin a nice daytrip or half daytrip could be to the small suburb of Wannsee. Wannsee is the terminal station of the S1 subway line and the S7 subway to Potsdam also stop here on the way – so it is fairly easy to reach the suburb from the center of Berlin.

Castle at the sail around Wannsee

Wannsee is a nice area located around two lakes when you take the train out here you goes through many green areas. So the place look like a good place to live – the houses down at the lake and river do indicate other people seems to think so too. Some of the houses here must be pretty expensive and attract the better off people of Berlin.

Bridge in Wannsee

One great thing to do in this area is a boat trip on the lake around Wannsee – you can go on a round trip here like we did – see blog entry about the sailing trip here. Or you can go for a longer trip along the river to other parts of Berlin or Potsdam. If you want a longer trip you might have to get to Wannsee early since these trips take most of a day and tend to start early in the day.

If you are interested in some of the darker parts of German history you can visit the House of the Wannsee Conference which was the location where some of the detailed planning of the holocaust took place.

House of the Wannsee Conference

Next to the house of the Wannsee Conference you find a big statue of a lion which is a copy of the original Isted Lion – the original statue of the lion is in Flensburg and is a memorial for the Battle of Isted which is the biggest battle in Scandinavia.

If you are getting hungry after visiting Wannsee you can just walk down to the lake from the lion to go and get a quick bite to eat at a restaurant with an amazing view of the lake. A great way to end the day or have a break from sightseeing.

View from restaurant in Wannsee

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