Church of Saint Peter

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The church of saint peter is the biggest cathedral in the world. And it takes up quite a big part of the smallest country in the world. The church is the main church of the pope who Wednesday service usually attracts a huge crowd and it will be difficult to get a decent seat in the house – but there are frequently held masses by other priest – and if you are a catholic you can easily join one of the regular masses without having to wait.

For those of us who are not devoted Catholics a visit to the church is still one of the absolute must see attractions in Rome. the seize of the church makes it very impressive – to put it in perspective the church is 30 meters longer than the world second biggest church the St. Paul in London and a full 52 meters longer than the Kölner Dome. The dome in the church is huge as well – though it is only the second biggest dome of its kind in the world after the dome of the Pantheon down in the center of Rome.

It isn’t just the seize which make the church an amazing place to visit. The church is also full of artistic masterpieces which would make any major museum in the world proud if they would be able to put them on display. When you get in the door the first thing you see is the giant columns carrying the roof – but if you look a bit to the right of the door you find one of the most famous statues Michelangelo ever made when he was only 22 – the Pieta. Along the sides of the main isle you’ll find several other master pieces made by Italian and foreign artist.



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