The old forgotten temple

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If you pay two extra euros when you buy your entry ticket to Villa Adrianna you can get a combined ticket which also allows you to go to the Santuario di Ercole Vincitore. We decided to buy the ticket since we thought we would have plenty of time to go and explore this old place as well. We drove from the villa to this place and found a parking a bit uphill from the entrance – it turns out there is a parking lot just in front of the entrance to the sight. The entrance actually look a bit strange more like an industrial kind of entrance but we asked where to find the place and the lady at the entrance told us we were there.

Theater and temple complex ruins

It doesn’t seem many people visit this place compared to the numbers of visitors at Villa Adrianna – not to mention the hordes in Rome itself. We are actually the only visitors at the place when we arrive and nobody else arrives while we walk around the area. The complex is fairly small compared to the huge villa we had been to earlier in the day – but it is still interesting. The complex is from the republican era of Rome so it is actually from the second century BC so it is about three centuries older than the Villa Adrianna.

There used to be a big temple of Ercole Vincitore at this place – but there isn’t much visible anymore – there might be something under the ground – since much of this area still haven’t been excavated. Part of the temple complex is covered by later material from constructions from a later era since the area has been close to the modern town of Tivoli itself – so there has been people living here for many years.

What remains of the temple – the modern construction symbolizes the place the temple was located

In front of the temple is an old theater – which is so restored it looks like something build a couple of decades ago and not a couple of millennia’s.

Underground there is a short road called Via Tecta – for some reason we are not allowed to walk along this road alone – so we have to follow a guide from the small museum at complex. The museum is really tiny so it doesn’t take long to visit the place.

After the quick visit to the museum we leave again. I guess there is a reason why only a few people go and visit this complex compared to the more famous sights of Tivoli – so if you are pressed on times you might skip this one in favor of spending more time at the more interesting places in Tivoli.


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