Marx and Engels Forum

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After the fall of Berlin Wall most of the old communist memorials were torn down – nobody really wanted to be remained of the oppression made by the communist party in Eastern Germany. But next to the Rotes Rathaus (red city hall) there is still an old monument paying tribute to the founders of the communist ideology – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Karl Marx sitting and Friedrich Engels standing

The authors of the Communist Manifesto predate the dictatorship of East Germany by a century so they don’t really have any direct responsibility for the atrocities made by the East German communist party and they can still be celebrated as famous figures in the early communist movement of the 19th century.

The center piece of the monument is a large statue of Marx and Engels but there are also some strange looking pieces of art for at the forum you can have a look at if you are walking between Alexander Platz and Unter den Linden.

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