Statues of the Prussian generals

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One a grassy lawn next to the large Unter den Linden boulevard in Berlin you find three statues of Prussian generals. The name of one of them sounded very familiar – Blücher who was the general of the Prussian forces during the battle of Waterloo. Obviously the Prussian was on the winning side which ended up finally crushing Napoleon during his last attempt to regain the control of Europe.

General Blücher

The other two statues are of Yorck and Gneisenau. These two names didn’t sound quite as familiar to me but it turned out these were the two other leading Prussian generals during this era and they were responsible for the rise of the Prussian army to become the leading power in central Europe. The two both became fieldmarshals of the Prussian army as recognition of their service during the Napoleonic wars.

General Gneisenau

The victories at the end of the Napoleonic war was important for the rise of Prussia as a major European power and the three generals are honored for their service and the contribution in this rise to glory by Prussia by these three statues.

The statues are not very famous but we walked through the city and saw these old famous generals and stopped to check out who they were.

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