Boulevard der Stars

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You probably heard of the walk of fame in Hollywood and all the movie stars just want to have their personal star on the sidewalk for the locals to walk on top of their names.

Berlin used to be the old home of the European movie industry in the beginning of the 20th century before the industry moved to USA. So naturally they do have their own personal walk of fame in the city. To be fair they don’t really spend a lot of time paying tribute to the stars of the old silent movies instead it is the more modern German movie stars which are commemorated.

Long trabi on the other side of the road – the iconic car from Eastern Germany

The star lined boulevard in Berlin is located right next to the Potsdamer Platz right next to the fairly large station at the square. The boulevard continue down the road right pass the large Sony center which is home to several restaurants and naturally a large Sony shop if you have the need for some electronics.

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