Second city of Brandenburg

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We are returning from a trip around Poland and get back to Germany at the city of Cuttbus. The city is actually the second biggest town in the German state of Brandenburg. The state of Brandenburg occupies the area surrounding the capital state of Berlin.

Church in Cuttbus

The city has about 100,000 inhabitants and it is a nice town with a few older buildings in the center. It looks pretty similar to the many Polish cities we have seen during the recent trip. I guess this is due to the fact that many of these polish towns were actually a part of Prussia either before World War I or World War II when Poland moved further to the west while the Soviet Union got the eastern part of Poland.

The center of Cottbus has several of these traditional old burger houses which we had just seen in Jelenia Gora and other cities around Silesia which were a part of Germany up until the end of World War II.

We have a quick look around the town while we are searching for somewhere to get an evening meal. It turns out there is only a limited number of options most of which seems to be located on one of the main squares of the city.

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