Surviving town of Jelenia Gora

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Towards the end of World War II most of the old German towns were more or less destroyed either by aerial bombing or by a land battle by the approaching armies of the allied. One of the few towns which miraculous survived the end of the war was the small town of Jelenia Gora which is located in Silesia which used to be German but was transferred to Poland after the end of the war.

The city dates back to the 10th century and the town got city rights in 1288 and ever since that time it was a significant town in Silesia where it was on the cross road between Eastern Europe and the Holy German Empire and to the rest of Bohemia as well.

The old town of the city has some nice old burgher houses and there are a lot of attractive places to go and visit the large squares of the town like the old market square or Rynek which is the main square of the city.

There are other old buildings spread across the streets leading to the Rynek as well including some old churches and a large lookout tower which dominates a street close to the center.


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