Small town of Swidnica

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We only head to Swidnica to visit the famous Church of Peace which is located right outside the old town. The church is worth going to see since it is one of two biggest wooden churches in Europe. Since we actually already went to the town we decide to head out and have a quick look around the old town.

Neptune fountain

The main point of interest in the city is the fairly large Rynek square – or the old market place in the center of the city. This the obvious place to go and explore the town after you are done with the visit to the church.

The square has some interesting old houses and there are a couple of impressive fountains on the square. The most prominent fountain is the well of Neptune with a statue of the sea god on top of the well.

All in all we didn’t find a lot of great interesting sights in the city but it was worth having a quick look around when we were already in town to see the church.

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