Church of Peace in Swidnica

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After the peace of Westphalia in 1648 the Swedish were allowed to build 3 Lutheran churches in Silesia which was a Catholic region. There were many restrictions on the construction of the churches.

The entrance to the church

They had to build the churches outside the city wall, and they were not allowed to be fitted with bells. The churches should be built by wood and the time of construction was limited to just a year. Hence there was a lot of time pressure when they constructed the churches.

Only two of the churches have survived until today and one of them is located just outside the center of the small town of Swidnica. The church was built in 1656-57 and along with the other church of peace this is the largest wooden church in Europe completed in just 10 months – hence obeying by the demand of the construction should take less than a year. The church in unique so it has been included on the UNESCO world heritage list and it is now a museum for people to go and visit.

The inside of the church is huge there is two stories of galleries at the top and in total the church has room for 3,500 seated worshippers along with 4,000 standing. The inside of the church has wonderful decorations and it looks very different from the traditional stone church you usually find around Europe.

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