Village of Wieliczka

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The small town of Wieliczka is pretty small on the surface and what is above the ground probably wouldn’t attract more than a few tourist a year who accidently dropped by when Krakow was fully booked out and they would have to drive to this town to find accommodation.

The main entrance to the mine

Despite the limited attractions above ground the village gets thousands of visitors – not a year but a day. They all flock to the village to visit the famous salt mine under the ground. If you have a little spare time you might consider having a quick look at what is above the ground – the village is fairly small so it won’t take long. And you have probably already paid the parking which is a lump sum payment and not an hourly payment so you might as well get your money worth.

The village does have some interesting older buildings including a church and a couple of different exit points from the mine below the village. These buildings are pretty large nice looking building from a century or so ago.

The village also has made some statues around the village to commemorate the old workers who labored so hard under the ground to secure the fortune of the owners of the mine.

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