Museum in the salt mine

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When you go on a tour of the salt mine in Wieliczka you will end the tour in a little room. From here you have the option to join the long queue to get up to the surface – fortunately you will get a lift in an elevator to go up so you don’t have to walk the hundred meters up to the surface. Most people pick this option and have to wait in line for an elevator to get ready. The other option you got is to join a little extra tour of a small museum in the mine.

Pillar of salt

The museum is actually fairly interesting and has different exhibition of how life used to be down in the mine. There are pictures of how they cut the salt into a little pillar – this was done to make it possible to role the salt along the halls of the mine and make it easier to transport the salt to the small trollies they use for the transport out of the mine.

The small museum is actually an interesting way to exit the mine and learn a little extra of the mining history here if you got the time to spend to go through the museum.

An extra bonus you get when you go to the museum is you actually get to an alternative exit from the mine. This exit has no line in front of the elevator – we went straight to the elevator and got back up to the surface without delay after the visit to the mining museum.

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