Unknown Soldier grave in Tarnow

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The city of Tarnow is a fairly large city in the south eastern corner of Poland. We get there on a warm day – which is apparently a usual event in this city since it is the warmest city in all of Poland on average.

Grave of the Unknown Soldier at Tarnow

Before World War I the city was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire – the polish minority didn’t have a lot of rights in the Austrian led empire – but during the First World War the Austrian Hungarian army decided to raise a Polish legion to fight the Russian at the Eastern front. The Polish Legion became an important symbol for the Polish population and it was very successful winning almost all the battles it participated in against the Russian army.

Stair in front of the unknown soldier grave

After World War I the Polish Legion became a part of the legend of how the new Poland was founded. To commemorate the many dead soldiers of the legion a monument has been erected at the city of Tarnow just outside the center.

Looking down at the soldier grave from the top of the stair

The monument is at the bottom of a stair and there is an eternal flame burning at the grave when you pass by it.

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