Town hall of Tarnow

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The main tourist attraction in Tarnow is the old town square or Rynek in the center of the old town. The old square is pretty and the most interest building on the square is the old gothic town hall which is considered one of the prettiest town halls in Poland.

You will naturally have a look around the town hall if you go visit Tarnow and there is the option of heading inside the building. We go inside and then head up the top of the tower of the town hall. From the top of the tower you got the best view of the Rynek square anywhere in the city. You also have a good view of the old main church of the city.

The town hall on the central square

In addition to the view there is a regional museum inside the town hall where you can walk around and enjoy the large rooms. The rooms have a lot of different display – including a large selection of portraits of the former leading people from the area.

Other rooms have a large collection of porcelain and old glass on display. The collections are worth to have a look at if you have an interest in this sort of collections – but I found the view from the top the most interesting part of the visit.

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