Main town of South East Poland

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The biggest town in the south eastern corner of Poland is the midsized city of Rzeszow. The city is an industrial town – but it does have a very nice center which is good to have a look around. The size of the town make it a good place to use as a jumping off point if you are heading into the eastern part of the Tatra mountains in Poland or if you are heading to Ukraine or Eastern parts of Slovakia.

The most interesting part of the city is the large old square where there are a lot of nice old buildings in addition to the largest number of restaurants in the city so if you are feeling a bit hungry this is the spot to go and enjoy a meal.

When we went to the town there were a lot of different street performers in the town – for some reason there seemed to be more in this city than the other large towns in Poland. The most interesting performer was a man doing tricks on his bike cycle.

The bike performer was by far the one attracting the largest crowd of the different street performers.

Bike show in Rzeszow

Outside the old town you find another large square which has a large fountain – on this warm day the fountain attracted a lot of kids who enjoyed running into the fountain and getting wet. Even with the warm temperature I didn’t like the idea of copying the kids and getting wet so we just saw the fountain from a distance.

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