Main Avenue of Szczcecin

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The city of Szczcecin has a nice old center which has been restored after the war. This area contains the majority of the old buildings of the town. Outside the old town you find some modern streets where the buildings isn’t the same type of old restored buildings – but some of the streets have a certain grandeur which make them worth a little stroll if you got the time.

One of the most interesting streets is the large Aleja Papieza Jana Pawla II – or Pope John Paul II Avenue. The street is wide and there is a nice green center where pedestrians can walk along the street. There are some fountains and a sailor monument on the middle of the street. There is also a giant roundabout just next to the sailor monument which will give you a little detour when you have to get right across it.

At the end of the street you reach and impressive old building. This is the old Pomerian Province government building which was the provincial government back when this area was a part of Germany. The first part of this impressive building was finished in 1927 and another wing was added in 1938 just before the beginning of the war. After the war the building was the locations where the city of Stettin was handed over to the polish local government and the city got renamed Szczcecin.

Behind the castle are a large park with a lot of trees along the sides and a center with green grass. A large statue of the former polish pope is placed in the park – fitting considering the street named after him ends just in front of the government building.

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