Oldest church in Szczecin

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The southern coast of the Baltic Sea was one of the last areas in Europe to finally adopt the new Middle Eastern religion of Christianity instead of the old traditional religions of the area. Hence the oldest church in Szczecin isn’t quite as old as other old churches around Europe.

The first Saint Peter and Saint Paul church at this location was built in 1124 – this was a wooden church which is long gone. The wooden church soon became too small for the town and finally it was replaced by a new gothic structure build between 1425 and 1440.

The church didn’t remain intact until the present day – it was partly destroyed by an artillery bombardment in 1677. The citizen of the city decided to rebuild the church and it was restored. The works started quickly in 1678 and continue until 1702 when the church was finally restored.

The church is fairly small and the building style looks very familiar for the old towns of this part of Germany. Inside the church it is fairly small and bland with the white walls.

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